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First Consultation - FREE (up to an hour)
Fitness Assessments -Option but advisable
Training Programmes - Option but advisable
Developmental Goal Structuring with Progressions and Planning

Training in Different environments Inc:
Rehabilitation Functional Training
Pilates (Core Training) Inc. Fitball (Option)
Cardio-Vascular & Resistance Training
Spinning Sessions (Indoor Cycling)
Spin n Jab Sessions (Small group)
Fight Fit Training
Park / Beach Training
Outdoor Walking / Powerwalking (One to one / small groups)
Youth Fitness Training

Additional Expertise:

Nutrition with Exercise Advice
Sports Injury Advice
Exercise Referral Training (GP)

One-To-One Sessions (£35 per hour)

*Small groups under 10
*Large groups over 10
* (Prices may vary depending on location and numbers).

N/B: Pilates 3, Further Youth Fitness and more Leadership Programmes to come in the near future keep an eye..

Fitness Training

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